About Us

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The 360° 

Circle LLC is a cosmetics and beauty supply company located in Prince George’s county Maryland USA. It was established in May 2016,  Our mission is to follow our instinct that is filled with great innovations and quality ideas, which is where true wisdom manifests itself. We strive to be the epitome of cosmetic and beauty supply around the World; we want to take our passion for cosmetics and beauty to a higher degree that is beyond human imagination.

We Work
With Passion

We work with world renowned designers who are passionate about their work, who put in the time day and night creating new products that will inspire, motivate and most importantly be satisfactory to our customers who take pride in what the wear. We will continue to strive for elegancy and sophistication in our entire products, making sure the expectation of our customers are met.

What We Use In
Our Products

Circle Collection uses the finest materials it can find around the World to create its products. We crave for precision and excellent in our products, we apply an unprecedented degree of accuracy during the manufacturing of each product to meet the standard that is expected of us. We make sure our manufactures abide to regulation that governs human rights and any other living things during production of any products.